Mike Paterson, Now on the internet!

Hello internet! It’s me, Mike Paterson? Remember me? Remember when I tried to make my brilliant video “ACDC and the Deathly Hallows” a massive ‘viral’ success? This video:

What the heck internet? Wasn’t that awesome? Why is it not a world famous ‘viral’ video yet? So many people love Harry Potter, and so many people love ACDC, some people must love both of those things and enjoy seeing them mashed up together. No?

Well internet, I’m pretty angry with you over this, but I have decided to give you one last chance. I’m going to post things on this here blog, amazing things like ACDC singing about Harry Potter, robots doing improv, impersonations of Christopher Walken pulling things out of his ass, and all the crazy things that I, Mike Paterson, get up to all the time. And then, after I post these things, it’s all up to you, internet. Keep in mind, internet, that you’re on thin ice with me. I am expecting results here. Otherwise I’m breaking up with you.


Mike Paterson