Epic Fail! Christopher Walken Impersonation Goes Horribly Wrong…

Hey Internet!

It’s time for more blatant and misguided attempts at online stardom! Today’s effort is an experiment in terminology. I heard of a new term that the hip, web-savvy kids are using these days: epic fail. Apparently if you use this term, it will automatically make your video more interesting to people. The reason for this is that it implies your video will deal with humiliation, disgrace or pain for the people in the video; a failure of epic proportions. Thereafter you, the internet, can indulge in some serious shadenfreude. (Shadenfreude is a German word for feeling pleasure in other people’s pain. Like the feeling I get watching a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game.) Thanks to epic fail videos, people everywhere can laugh together at the accidental hilarity of others, and at some staged accidental hilarity.

Are you more interested in me now, internet? Come, I invite you to laugh at me! Poke fun at my failure, giggle in glee as I humiliate myself in front of dozens of people! I don’t mind, but just so you know, every time you laugh at an epic fail video, a unicorn gets kicked in the nuts.

Epic Fail Christopher Walken Impersonation

This is both a funny video and a game.* What happened here was that I had stationed a man (spoiler alert) to stand behind the curtain (fourth wall alert) to secretly pass me things that I was meant to pull out like magic. Unfortunately the guy behind the curtain kept peeking out at the audience. Since he was stationed right behind me and the audience could obviously see him, this proved to be quite a distraction. Count how many times he pops up!

*The optional drinking game portion: Every time you see the guy behind the curtain and you’re not supposed to, have a drink. Every time you see the man behind the curtain and you are supposed to, finish your glass!