Marriage and Dirty Songs

My best friend Tim Rabnett is getting married this weekend! I’m super stoked and thinking about him a lot as I’m getting all packed up to leave for Ontario tomorrow to be a part of his special day. Tim and I have been friends for many years, and in those years we have created many special memories together, and we have also created many bands, plays and standup hilarity. Tim and my projects include the bands Dan D Lyons, Never Surrender, Misogynizer, and The Real Hall and Oates; the plays; Never Surrender’s Greatest Adventure, Never Surrender Saves a Baby, Never Surrender III: Centaur! Centaur! Centaur!, The Dan D Lyons in Wichita, Macho Man vs. Predator and Powerforce: Comedy for Geeks!

This weekend Tim is getting married to a lovely and amazing lady and I’m super happy for them! Today’s post is necessarily Tim related, I dug up an old video of Tim and I singing the Misogynizer song “Feel so Good Inside U” at The Comedy Works in 2002. This video is transferred from an old VHS tape, so It’s not the sharpest thing in the world, but you can see in the video that I am not only wearing sunglasses on stage but also a pair of hideous pleather pants! Is it any wonder that Tim is getting married first?

Feel So Good Inside U from Runty Paterson on Vimeo.

Bonus! Take a peek at Tim’s Bachelor party about 9:30 pm. What is gonna happen?