Boustan Commercial

Good Morning Internet!

I’m very excited about today’s post! Something that you may not know about me, I love the Lebanese restaurant Boustan located in Montreal on Crescent street. Countless Montreal Mike P comedy shows have been fueled by Boustan’s delicious veggie creation sandwiches and garlic potatoes. I love Boustan so much that I’ve created a Boustan infomercial. This infomercial truly lives up to its name as it is informative, while it also makes you want some Boustan. I certainly want to eat at Boustan’s after making this infomercial, but then I always want to eat at Boustan. Don’t leave us Boustan! I know you want to retire, and you’ve obviously earned it (when is that guy not there?) But what about me and my need to eat a falafel sandwich whenever I’m working downtown?

Boustan is not in any way involved with this commercial. But I hope he likes it if he sees it.