I am a fan of Harry Potter

Hello internet!

More specifically Harry Potter fans of the internet, I know there are quite a lot of you, I was hoping that you might come on over and see me sometime. We have so much in common, Harry Potter fans of the Internet, for we can all be sad together now, it is all over. We had a good run, first waiting for the books to come out, each a delectable treat to be savored over two or three days of uninterrupted reading. Then, the movies, lovingly peopled with incredibly appropriate actors, and lushly realized with all the money that could possibly be thrown at them.  We were riding high, the whole world heard about Harry and his wizarding school. The word wizard even became a verb, fantasy fans rejoice!

We did it folks, fans of Harry Potter on the internet, we read, we saw, we conquered. I would like to send all of you an imaginary high five, a great big well done to all of us, way to love a wizard!

Now that it is all over, we have no more Harry Potter to look forward to, nothing but the hundreds and thousands of spoof videos on youtube. In that spirit, I have one more spoof video for you! I have posted this already, but I’m going to do it again because gosh dern it, I want to. This video is not only for the millions of Harry Potter fans of the internet, but also for the much smaller number of Harry Potter fans who also like ACDC. Where’s my peeps? In any case, this video answers the age old question: what would happen if ACDC sang a song about Harry Potter?