Eagle Mania!

As many of my close friends and fans already know, Mike Paterson is an eaglemaniac. I love eagles! Just can’t get enough of ’em. One of my favorite ways to express my feelings about eagles is with eagle-emblazoned clothing. I wear eagles all the time. This has led some of my friends to remind me that my eagle is out of control. I’m not sure what they mean by that.

Last week was a big week for eagles on the Internet with two new awesome videos being uploaded featuring eagles being cool and enjoying fish. The first one is my new all-time favorite video featuring an eagle stealing some dude’s fish right from the line. Like a BAWSS!

Wasn’t that great? That eagle is awesome!

This next video gives us a rare look at an Eagle Party. That is my favorite kind of party!

Will somebody please invite me to an eagle party? Or any kind of party really..